river delta channels
river delta channels

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    It's springtime, which for many native Bay-Delta fishes means reproducing and expanding populations into shallows and backwaters. One of the tools we use to track young fish in our system is the Delta Juvenile Fish Monitoring Program. Check out how we catch  and count newly hatched and juvenile fish!
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    We'd like to call your attention to the following articles from several of our IEP partners and Principal Investigators:
    • Climate change will have far-reaching impacts throughout our Estuary. Dr. Denise Colombano and colleagues have examined some of the likely effects on our estuarine tidal marsh ecosystems in a Special Issue of Estuaries and Coasts.
    • Dr. Flora Cordoleani and others have described the usefulness of quantitative lifecycle models in discovering what else we need to monitor to effectively manage and support Spring Run Chinook in the Central Valley in San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science.
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    • Discrete water quality parameters collected over the last 60 years (1959-2020) are now available from a data publication hosted by Ecological Data Initiative (EDI) put together by Dr. Sam Bashevkin and others at the Delta Science Program of the Delta Stewardship Council. These data are titled: Six decades (1959-2020) of water quality in the upper San Francisco Estuary: an integrated database of 11 discrete monitoring surveys in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Suisun Bay, and Suisun Marsh.
    • While not exactly a dataset, the IEP's 2020 Pilot Review Technical Report reporting on efforts to review long-term data collection surveys is available by request. This report used compiled data to develop tools for assessing how changes to long-term monitoring collection routines can be expected to affect the use of these surveys to provide informaton on status and trends of ecological resources within the Estuary. To obtain a copy of the report send your request to iep@wildlife.ca.gov. This report will also be logged in the IEP's online library and be archived as: IEP Long-term Survey Review Team. 2020. Interagency Ecological Program Long-term Monitoring Element Review: Pilot approach and methods development (2020). IEP Technical Report. 201 pp.
    • An updated version of the Delta Smelt Conditions report is available from the Delta Science Program upon request, dated December 10, 2020.
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