IEP Journal Publications

IEP publications describe and interpret the results of projects in the San Francisco Estuary that fall into at least one of three categories:

  • a project that was funded all or in part by the IEP and/or received Endangered Species Act (ESA) coverage via the IEP;
  • a project that made use of substantial amounts of data or information provided by the IEP, or;
  • a project that was conducted by IEP-affiliated authors and who chose to identify their affiliation as being with the IEP.

IEP Journal Publications (2016-2022)

Recent IEP Journal Articles

  • Drs. James White and Randall Baxter have published a revision of the method used to calculate indexes derived from the IEP Fall Midwater Trawl (FMWT). The revision incorporates additional samples from non-core stations and has been shown to improve distribution estimates for several species and the indexes derived from these collections. The citation:
  • “Community patterns and environmental associations for the early life stages of fishes in a highly transformed estuary” is the title and subject of a new article in Estuaries and Coasts by Gonzalo Castillo and 4 other IEP authors. In this paper the authors “suggest that the shorter duration of planktonic and nektonic stages of demersal fish groups results in higher resiliency compared to pelagic fishes. The declining abundance of pelagic fishes overall seems to be linked to drought effects and human-induced synergistic interactions intensified by climate change.

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