Public Engagement

There are many venues to learn about research and work being done in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Some of these include seminars and workshops, where agency and university scientists and policymakers present their research and findings. IEP also hosts an annual workshop and various meetings that are open to the public. 

IEP Venues

IEP hosts an annual workshop, inviting scientists to present their research and findings to the community. IEP also provides public venues for scientists and stakeholders to meet more frequently at their stakeholder meetings and project work team meetings.

More information can be found at venue-specific pages, linked below:

Science Education and Outreach

IEP envisions offering lesson plans for students in elementary, middle and high schools. The focus of the lesson plans will be to teach students about the importance of the Delta - both in their lives and to the state as a whole - and to demonstrate the range of scientific career options available to them.

Initial lesson plan development will include hands-on learning with agency scientists, but may eventually expand to provide teaching modules for any teacher in the state to implement and teach independently.

More information can be found on the RVERS outreach page.

Other Activities

In addition to IEP-hosted meetings and workshops, several other seminars and conferences discuss science and decision-making in the San Francisco Bay Estuary. These often rely on IEP data and scientists.

  • Delta Science Program Brown Bag Seminars
    Approximately every month, the Delta Science Program hosts an informal, free, and open to the public "brown bag" seminar. Each seminar showcases one invited presenter whose work is related to the field of Delta science and/or management. These seminars serve as a great way to learn more about key issues in the Delta.
  • Bay-Delta Science Conference
    The Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference is a forum for presenting technical analyses and results relevant to water and environmental decision-making in the Bay-Delta system. The goal of the conference is to offer new information and syntheses to the broad community of scientists, engineers, resource managers, and stakeholders working on Bay-Delta issues.
  • State of the Estuary Conference
    The State of the San Francisco Estuary Conference showcases the latest information about the region's work to sustain and improve the estuary's habitats, living resources, water quality, climate resilience, and environmental stewardship.
  • Coastal Marine Sciences Institute (CMSI) and Delta Science Program Joint Symposia
    CMSI has partnered with the Delta Science Program (DSP) to develop symposia focused on San Francisco-Bay Delta, with the goal of engaging policy makers and developing a use-inspired research agenda.