IEP Data Utilization Working Group

The Data Utilization Work Group (DUWG) is a multi-agency group established as part of the IEP Program Support Team to address IEP’s data management needs. The DUWG assists in setting internal procedures and guidelines, recommending and implementing shared data standards across member agencies, facilitating data sharing in a timely manner, and coordinating with other data management teams in the Delta science community.

DUWG Priorities

  • Develop best data management practices, including minimum standards for data descriptions, definitions, and documentation.
  • Increasing efficiency and openness of data sharing and interoperability among datasets.
  • Providing support for IEP member agencies.

DUWG Resources

Policy Documents

  • Charge (PDF) - This document describes the purpose and background for the DUWG.
  • Charter (PDF) - This document describes the goals, scope, membership and policies of the DUWG.

Training Materials

Data Publication Materials

Templates and Guidelines