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Relations Between Abiotic and Biotic Environmental Variables and Occupancy of Delta Smelt (Hypomesus transpacificus) in Autumn

Hendrix, Noble A., Fleishman, E., Wohlfeil Zilling, M., and Dusek Jennings, E.Journal202346 Estuaries and Coasts16

Hydrodynamics and habitat interact to structure fish communities within terminal channels of a tidal freshwater delta

Huntsman, B.M., Young, M.J., Feyrer, F.V., Stumpner, P.R., Brown, L.R., and Burau, J.R.Journal2023141Ecosphere An ESA Open Access Journal18

Freshwater Flow Affects Subsidies of a Copepod (Pseudodiaptomus forbesi) to Low-Salinity Food Webs in the Upper San Francisco Estuary

Hassrick, J.L., Korman, J., Kimmerer W.J., Gross, E.S., Grimaldo, L.F., Lee, C., and Schultz, A.A.Journal202346 Estuaries and Coasts12

White papers providing a synthesis of knowledge relating to Delta Smelt biology in the San Francisco Estuary, emphasizing effects of flow.

Flow Alteration - Management, Analysis, and Synthesis TeamTechnical Reports202298 Interagency Ecological Program191

Larval and juvenile Longfin Smelt diest as a function of fish size and prey density in the San Francisco Estuary

Lojkovic Burris, Z. P., R. D. Baxter, and C. E. BurdiJournal20221082California Fish and Wildlife Journal 

Synthesis of data and studies related to the effect of climate change on the ecosystems and biota of the Upper San Francisco Estuary Year 2022

Climate Change - Management, Analysis and Synthesis Team; Bashevkin, S., Brown, L., Bush, E., Castillo, G., Colombano, D., Hartman, R., Herbold, B., Khanna, S., Keely, A., Kwan, N., Lehman, P., Mahardja, B., Malinich, T., McKenzie, R., Matthias, B., Pien, C., Wulff, M.Technical Reports202299 Interagency Ecological Program245

Feasibility of formalin-fixed Delta Smelt for genetic identification test

Kurobe, T., P. A. T. Garcia, B. G. Hammock, A. Schultz, and S. TehNewsletter2022412IEP Newsletter5

2021 Delta Juvenile Fish Monitoring Program Nearshore Fishes Annual Report

Nanninga, A., A. Robinson, and E. Huber Newsletter2022412IEP Newsletter22

2020 and 2021 Delta Juvenile Fish Monitoring Program Salmonid Annual Report

Nanninga, A., and E. HuberNewsletter2022412IEP Newsletter16

2019-2020 Yolo Bypass Fishewries Monitoring Status and Trends Report

Robinson, J., E. Hubbard, A. Brady, P. Farman, N. Ikemiyagi, and N. KwanNewsletter2022412IEP Newsletter12
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