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Resistance and resilience of pelagic and littoral fishes to drought in the San Francisco EstuaryMahardja, B., V. Tobias, S. Khanna, L. Mitchell, P. Lehman, T. Sommer, L. Brown, S. Culberson and J. L. ConradJournal2020312Ecological Applicationse2243
Using Life-Cycle Models to Identify Monitoring Gaps for Central Valley Spring-Run Chinook SalmonCordoleani, F., Satterthwaite, W.H., Daniels, M.E., and Johnson, M.R.Journal2020184San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science44206
Toxicity of herbicides to cyanobacteria and phytoplankton species of the San Francisco Estuary and Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, California, USALam, C. H., T. Kurobe, P. W. Lehman, M. Berg, B. G. Hammock, M. E. Stillway, P. K. Pandey and S. J. TehJournal2020552Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A107-118
2019 Status and Trends Report for Pelagic Fishes of the Upper San Francisco EstuaryMalinich, T. D., White, J., Campbell, E., Graham, C., Chorazyczewski, A., Tempel, T., Slater, S. B., Hieb, K.Newsletter2020391  
Exploring Secondary Field Identification of Delta Smelt and Wakasagi Using Image SoftwareJenkins, J., Ikemiyagi, N., Schreier, B., Davis, B.Newsletter2020391  
Zooplankton Integrated Dataset Metadata ReportKayfetz, K., Bashevkin, S. M., Thomas, M., Hartman, R., Burdi, C. E., Hennessy, A., Tempel, T., & Barros, A.Technical Reports202093   
Sensitivities of an endemic, endangered California smelt and two non-native fishes to serial increases in temperature and salinity: implications for shifting community structure with climate changeDavis, B. E., D. E. Cocherell, T. Sommer, R. D. Baxter, T. C. Hung, A. E. Todgham and N. A. FangueJournal201971Conservation Physiologycoy076
Combined effects of warming and hypoxia on early life stage Chinook salmon physiology and developmentDel Rio, A. M., B. E. Davis, N. A. Fangue and A. E. TodghamJournal201971Conservation Physiologycoy078
Integrating physiological data with the conservation and management of fishes: a meta-analytical review using the threatened green sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris)Rodgers, E. M., J. B. Poletto, D. F. Gomez Isaza, J. P. Van Eenennaam, R. E. Connon, A. E. Todgham, A. Seesholtz, J. C. Heublein, J. J. Cech, Jr., J. T. Kelly and N. A. FangueJournal201971Conservation Physiologycoz035
Eight Decades of Hatchery Salmon Releases in the California Central Valley: Factors Influencing Straying and ResilienceSturrock, A. M., W. H. Satterthwaite, K. M. Cervantes, Yoshida, E. R. Huber, H. J. W. Sturrock, S. Nussle and S. M. CarlsonJournal2019449Fisheries433-444
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