Program Work Summaries At-a-Glance

IEP aims to provide relevant and timely scientific information to managers. This page links to resources that provide concise information about ongoing IEP programs and projects, as well as recent environmental and biological trends.

Seasonal Monitoring Report

The seasonal monitoring report was recently created to provide managers with an overview of the trends associated with different environmental and biological parameters in the system. The IEP Seasonal Monitoring Report presents the full time series for selected water quality, plankton and fisheries surveys conducted by IEP in a single graphical report. Time series are presented separately for 3 major regions: Delta, Suisun, and San Pablo Bay.

The seasonal monitoring report is generated on a quarterly basis, with different set of ecosystem variables and surveys highlighted in each season. The report is developed by the IEP Synthesis Team (IEP scientists including leads for monitoring surveys and the IEP Lead Scientist) and is reviewed by the Science Management Team and Coordinators before publication.

Delta Smelt Conditions Report

The Delta Smelt Conditions Report was produced for the Collaborative Adaptive Management Team (CAMT) to provide an overview of the environmental conditions relevant to Delta Smelt. The report graphically presents seasonal time-series from 2002 – present for abiotic and biotic variables, as well as Delta Smelt indices from the major IEP surveys. In this report, time-series are presented separately for 7 different regions to help understand the variable suitability of different regions for Delta Smelt: Suisun Bay, Suisun Marsh, Lower Sacramento River, Sacramento Deep Water Shipping Channel, Cache Slough/Liberty Island, Lower San Joaquin River, and the Southern Delta.

The Delta Smelt Conditions Report is updated on an annual basis when all data from the prior year are available. The report is produced by the Delta Science Program and was reviewed by CAMT before publication. Contact with questions.

IEP Factsheets

Factsheets are concise documents that explain particular programs, special studies, or synthesis projects. They provide an overview of the goals, timeline, and products associated with each project, and aim to quickly provide relevant information to managers.

Previous years Factsheets available upon request. Send email to

2023 Factsheets for Project Elements
Project Element Number Sub-Category Project Title Principal Investigator
002 Long-term Ecological Monitoring

Adult Striped Bass Population Estimates
PEN#002 2023 Factsheet (PDF)

Dylan Stompe, CDFW
003 Operational Monitoring Fall Midwater Trawl Survey (FMWT)
PEN#003 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Steve Slater, CDFW
005 Long-term Ecological Monitoring Adult Sturgeon population Study
PEN#005 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Dylan Stompe, CDFW
007 Operational Monitoring Summer Townet Survey (STN)
PEN#007 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Steve Slater, CDFW
011 Operational Monitoring Estuarine and Marine Fish and Crab Abundance and Distribution Survey (Bay Study)
PEN#011 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Kathy Hieb, CDFW
012 Operational Monitoring Bay Shrimp Abundance and Distribution Surveys (Bay Study)
PEN#012 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Kathy Hieb, CDFW
029 Operational Monitoring San Francisco Bay Salinity & Temperature Monitoring
PEN#029 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Paul Work, USGS
030 Operational Monitoring Delta Flows Network
PEN#030 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Catherine Ruhl, USGS
033 Operational Monitoring 20-mm Delta Smelt Survey (20 mm)
PEN#033 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Lauren Damon, CDFW
043 Special Study: Compliance Related Estimation of Pelagic Fish Population Sizes
PEN#043 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Lara Mitchell, USFWS
047 Operational Monitoring Yolo Bypass Fish Monitoring Program (YBFMP)
PEN#047 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Nicole Kwan, DWR
053 Operational Monitoring Juvenile Salmon Monitoring (DJFMP)
PEN#053 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Eric Huber, USFWS
059 Operational Monitoring Coleman National Fish Hatchery Late-Fall-Run Production Tagging
PEN#059 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Kevin Niemela, USFWS
062 Special Study: Compliance Related Quantitative Analysis of Stomach Contents and Body Weight for Pelagic Fishes
PEN#062 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Steve Slater, CDFW
071 Operational Monitoring Mossdale Spring Trawl (Mossdale)
PEN#071 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Steve Tsao, CDFW
072 Operational Monitoring Environmental Monitoring Program
PEN#072 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Ted Flynn, DWR
073 Operational Monitoring San Joaquin River Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring
PEN#073 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Ted Flynn, DWR
074 Operational Monitoring Central Valley Juvenile Salmon and Steelhead Monitoring (Knights Landing)
PEN#074 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Nick Bauer, CDFW
077 Operational Monitoring Upper Estuary Zooplankton Sampling
PEN#077 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Arthur Barros, CDFW
088 Operational Monitoring Spring Kodiak Trawl (SKT)
PEN#088 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Lauren Damon, CDFW
093 Operational Monitoring UC Davis Suisun Marsh Fish Monitoring
PEN#093 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Teejay O'Rear, UC Davis
096 Operational Monitoring Smelt Larva Survey (SLS)
PEN#096 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Lauren Damon, CDFW
104 Operational Monitoring Operation of Thermograph Stations
PEN#104 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Edmund Parvin, USGS
208 Special Study: Compliance Related Statistical Support (DJFMP) - Delta Smelt Life Cycle Model
PEN#208 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Lara Mitchell, USFWS
249 Special Study: Compliance Related Gear Efficiency in Support of Delta Smelt Modeling Efforts
PEN#249 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Lara Mitchell, USFWS
281 Special Study: Compliance Related North Delta Flow Action: Role of Improved Yolo Bypass Flows on Delta Food Web Dynamics
PEN#281 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Laura Twardochleb, DWR
296 Operational Monitoring Investigation of the Distribution and Abundance of Longfin Smelt in the San Francisco Estuary
PEN#296 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Levi Lewis, UC Davis
301 Operational Monitoring Juvenile Salmon Emigration Real Time Monitoring (DJFMP)
PEN#301 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Eric Huber, USFWS
303 Long-term Ecological Monitoring Salmon Survival Studies (DJFMP)
PEN#303 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Bryan Matthias, USFWS
311 Operational Monitoring Tidal Wetland Monitoring Study
PEN#311 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Christy Bowles, CDFW
322 Long-term Ecological Monitoring Estimating Abundance of Juvenile Winter-run Chinook Salmon Entering and Exiting the Delta (SAIL)
PEN#322 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Bryan Matthias, USFWS
325 Special Study: Compliance Related Enhanced Delta Smelt Monitoring (EDSM)
PEN#325 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Denise Barnard, USFWS
329 Special Study: Compliance Related Extracting Better Information from Long-term Monitoring Data: Estimating Occupancy and Abundance of Near-Shore Fishes in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta
PEN#329 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Eric Huber, USFWS
330 Special Study: Non-Compliance Related Aquatic Habitat Sampling Platform: Platform Utility and Delta Implementation Studies
PEN#330 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Joseph Merz, Cramer Fish Sciences
333 Special Study: Compliance Related Enhanced Acoustic Tagging, Analysis, and Real-Time Monitoring
PEN#333 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Cyril Michel, UCSC/NMFS
335 Special Study: Compliance Related Suisun Marsh Salinity Control Gate Study
PEN#335 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Rosemary Hartman, DWR
342 Special Study: Non-Compliance Related Spatio-Temporal Community Patterns for Early Life Stages of Fishes and their Associations with Zooplankton in the Upper San Francisco Estuary
PEN#342 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Gonzalo Castillo, USFWS
344 Special Study: Non-Compliance Related Developing an eDNA Metabarcoding Protocol to Improve Fish and Mussel Monitoring in the San Francisco Estuary
PEN#344 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Andrea Schreier, UC Davis
346 Special Study: Compliance Related Using Delta Smelt Enclosures to Support Species Recovery
PEN#346 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Brian Schreier, DWR
347 Special Study: Non-Compliance Related Survey Design Review for IEP Ling-term Monitoring Efforts, Year 1 (smelts) (ON HOLD)
PEN#347 2023 Factsheet (not available)
Steve Culberson, IEP at DSC
348 Special Study: Non-Compliance Related Ecosystem Engineering Impacts of Water Primrose (Ludwigia spp.) in the Delta
PEN#348 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Erin Hestir, UC Merced
349 Special Study: Compliance Related Endangered Winter-run Chinook Salmon Entrainment Prediction Tool: A Machine Learning Approach to Inform Management
PEN#349 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Jereme Gaeta, IEP at CDFW
351 Special Study: Compliance Related Ecological Impacts of Drought: Monitoring and Synthesis
PEN#351 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Rosemary Hartman, DWR
352 Special Study: Compliance Related Larval Smelt Entrainment Monitoring
PEN#352 2023 Factsheet (PDF)
Lauren Damon, CDFW
353 Operational Monitoring Fish Facilities Monitoring
PEN#353 Factsheet (not available)
Lauren Damon, CDFW
354 Special Study: Non-Compliance Related Physical and Biological Drivers of Fish Distribution in Suisun Bay (NEW STUDY)
PEN#354 2023 Factsheet (coming soon)
Matt Young, USGS
355 Special Study: Non-Compliance Related Phytoplankton Enumeration Synthesis Project (PESP) (NEW STUDY)
PEN#355 2023 Factsheet (coming soon)
Sarah Perry, DWR
357 Special Study: Non-Compliance Related Submersed Aquatic Vegetation in the Delta: Composition, Niche Occupancy and Response to Climatic Factors (NEW STUDY)
PEN#357 2023 Factsheet (coming soon)
Shruti Khanna, IEP at CDFW
358 Special Study: Non-Compliance Related Zooplankton Monitoring Design Review: Gaps, Strength, and Redundancies (NEW STUDY)
PEN#358 2023 Factsheet (coming soon)
Kristi Arend, USBR; Daniel Ellis, IEP at CDFW