IEP Monitoring Programs

Core monitoring surveys make up the long-term backbone of the IEP monitoring program (see examples). These surveys have come into existence since before many existing environmental or endangered species laws, and due to their long-term record, are critical to understanding recent variability in the environment, population sizes, and general trends in climate and hydrology in the San Francisco Estuary and associated watersheds.

Examples of use of the data collected in these surveys can be found here:

Many current important survey programs were created in response to needs by agency managers and policymakers for additional information or more “real-time” water project decision-making requirements. As we become more sophisticated in our understanding of San Francisco Estuary ecology, our information needs evolve and grow. The IEP works with our member agencies, stakeholders, the research community, and the public to understand changing information needs and collect relevant species and environmental data.

Research Fleet Monitoring Status Calendar

The table below represents the current monitoring status of the IEP Research Fleet. 

Interagency Ecological Program Field Monitoring Status as of May 26, 2022
Agency/Survey Study Schedule Current Status Comments
CDFW Adult Striped Bass
(IEP PEN#002)
Feb - Jun Occurring as conditions allow  
CDFW Fall Mid-Water Trawl
(IEP PEN#003)
Sep - Dec Out of Season  
CDFW Adult Sturgeon
(IEP PEN#005)
Aug - Oct Out of Season  
CDFW Summer Townet Survey
(IEP PEN#007)
Jun - Aug Out of Season  
CDFW Bay Study
(IEP PEN#011 and #012)
Jan - Dec Occurring  
CDFW 20-mm Survey
(IEP PEN#033)
Mar - Jul Occurring  
USFWS/CDFW Mossdale Trawl
(IEP PEN#071)
Jan - Dec Occurring as conditions allow Low flows may suspend sampling.
CDFW Knights Landing Screw Traps (IEP PEN#074) Aug 2021 - Jun 2022 Out of Season Trapping ceased for the season on May 18 due to elevated water temperatures. Trapping will recommence in the fall when water temperatures begin to drop.
CDFW Upper Estuary Zooplankton
(IEP PEN#077)
Jan - Dec Occurring  
CDFW Spring Kodiak Trawl
(IEP PEN#088)
Jan - May Out of Season Survey concluded on 05/12/2022.
CDFW Smelt Larval Survey
(IEP PEN#096)
Dec - Mar Out of Season  
CDFW Smelt Larval Entrainment Pilot Study (IEP PEN#352) Jan - May Out of Season Survey concluded on 05/17/2022.
DWR EMP Continuous
(IEP PEN#072)
Jan - Dec Occurring  
DWR EMP Discrete
(IEP PEN#072)
Jan - Dec Occurring  
DWR Yolo Bypass Fish Monitoring (IEP PEN#047) Jan - Dec Occurring  
DWR San Joaquin River DO (IEP PEN#073) Jan - Dec Occurring  
UC Davis Suisun Marsh Monitoring (IEP PEN#093) Jan - Dec Occurring  
UC Santa Cruz/NMFS Enhanced Acoustic Telemetry (IEP PEN#333) Jan - Dec Occurring  
USFWS Delta Juvenile Fish Monitoring Program - Beach Seines (IEP PEN#053) Jan - Dec Occurring  
USFWS Delta Juvenile Fish Monitoring Program - Chipps and Sacramento Trawls (IEP PEN#053) Jan - Dec Occurring  
USFWS Enhanced Delta Smelt Monitoring (IEP PEN#325) Jan - Dec Occurring  
USGS Continuous Flow-Water Quality Monitoring (IEP PEN#029 and PEN#030) Jan - Dec Ongoing  
Fish Salvage Monitoring N/A Ongoing More information on salvage export/density data can be found on the CDFW Fish Salvage Monitoring page.