IEP Research Fleet and Technology

The Interagency Ecological Program (IEP) relies on a fleet of 37 research vessels to carry out its mission. Specifically, these vessels enable IEP to conduct cooperative and comprehensive long-term monitoring of aquatic resources in the San Francisco Estuary and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

In 2018, the IEP Fleet Team was established to create a fleet management and resiliency plan to ensure that a reliable fleet is available to meet its compliance and project obligations. The plan and consequent IEP Fleet Team activities:

  • assesses the state of the IEP fleet and operators
  • documents current and future operation and infrastructure needs in carrying out IEP's missions
  • identifies strategies/actions to achieve resiliency in the IEP fleet and vessel crews as well as safety in operations
  • identifies and mitigates potential risks that could prevent IEP projects from completing their monthly surveys
  • establishes minimum training guidelines, maintenance standards, and inspections necessary to support the successful operation of an IEP study project, and
  • provides guidance and a fleet life schedule for upgrading, repairing, and planning the replacement of IEP vessels

IEP Fleet Team
(state agencies)

California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Ken Flowers
Mike Grady
David Hull
Kevin Juranek
Spencer Lewis
Paul Macias
Ramiro Soto

California Department of Water Resources
Eric Santos
Nicholas van Ark
Scott Waller

IEP Fleet Team
(federal agencies)

United States Bureau of Reclamation
Nick Sakata

United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Jackie Hagen
Patrick Hapgood
Zachary Jessee
Matthew Myrick

United States Geological Survey
Chris Valle