Directed IEP Studies and Synthesis

Directed Studies

Directed studies are near-term priority activities that the IEP Agency Directors have funded. Directed studies typically address specific scientific questions and areas of critical uncertainty regarding species of interest, natural communities, and landscape‐scale processes to inform management actions. They may be field studies, laboratory experiments, model development, or synthesis projects.

For a full list of this year's directed special studies, see the current Annual Work Plan.

Graphic image of boxes stacked three levels high. Information is distilled down by Synthesis Teams using data integration and open science.


Synthesis is the integration of existing data and information to achieve new insights and enhance our understanding of the Bay-Delta system. With decades of ecological data (see our Seasonal Monitoring Report for a summary) and scores of research projects in the history of IEP, synthesis work is a critical activity for making the most of existing data and providing science-based direction for management. Further information on how IEP conducts synthesis is available in our Guiding Framework for Conducting IEP Synthesis (PDF).

Selected Recent Synthesis Reports

BLOG: Science Stories: Adventures in Bay-Delta Data


For information on IEP Synthesis or to request an IEP Synthesis Report, contact Rosemary Hartman (DWR).