RVERS Education and Outreach

IEP envisions offering lessons for students in elementary, middle, and high schools. The focus of the lesson plans will be to teach students about the importance of the Delta - both in their lives and to the state as a whole - and to demonstrate the range of scientific career options available to them. Initial lesson plan development will include hands-on learning with agency scientists but eventually may expand to provide teaching modules for any teacher in the state to implement and teach independently.

In 2020, the Rio Vista Estuarine Research Station Education Program was launched. In collaboration with the Solano Resource Conservation District and DWR's Public Affairs Office, we piloted a curriculum for Grades 6 - 8, which emphasized students interacting with IEP scientists, conducting hands-on scientific investigations, and providing evidence-based explanations for discoveries. It is our hope that this outreach program will provide students in the Delta, as well as their families, with information about the important role that science plays in managing Delta water for the state's people and environment.


  • Delta community integration
  • Get local kids excited and engaged in science, increase college & career readiness
  • Give agency scientists public engagement opportunities, increase staff retention
  • Share importance of the Bay-Delta ecosystem and long-term field monitoring with public


  • The education outreach program commenced during the 2019/2020 school year. The initial pilot program is a partnership with the following organizations:
    • Department of Water Resources (Division of Environmental Services & Public Affairs Office)
    • Solano Resource Conservation District (RCD)
    • Delta public schools starting with Rio Vista's Riverview Middle School (Grades 6-8)

DWR Participates in Hands-on Science Lessons for Students in the Delta -- see article for more information

middle school students engaged in research
Rio Vista's Riverview Middle School Students

(video, photo: DWR)