Science Stories: Adventures in Bay-Delta Data

More than just Status and Trends
  • December 21, 2020

IEP is best known for long-term monitoring surveys. You can find data, maps, and descriptions of monitoring elements dating back since the 1950s! But IEP is much more than just counting fish and recording salinity. We often use targeted research to answer specific questions, such as:

  • Can we use genetics to tell the difference between runs of salmon?
  • Does electrofishing work better than beach seines for looking at fish communities?
  • Can we use cameras instead of nets to monitor fish?
  • Do baby salmon get eaten by bass in some areas more than others?

We also periodically look back on the data we have collected by long-term monitoring and special studies and “synthesize” the results to answer questions that are too big to answer with one data set by itself. Recent synthesis projects have included:

  • How does Delta outflow impact Delta Smelt habitat?
  • How quickly does the system recover after a major drought?
  • What are the consequences of climate change for the ecosystem?

In this space, we will be highlighting the work being done by these special studies and synthesis projects at IEP. Stay tuned!

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