Contaminants Project Work Team

The Contaminants Project Work Team provides a forum where principal investigators and stakeholders discuss the impacts that contaminants have on aquatic species in the Bay-Delta ecosystem. Discussion topics include a focus on the chemical(s), sources, transport and fate within the San Francisco Estuary and associated upstream watersheds.


  • Identify studies investigating contaminant impacts on Delta species
  • Review contaminant data and population dynamics of key species, produce conclusions about which stressor or stressors are causing the impairment, and provide written recommendations to IEP managers on likely impacts of contaminants
  • Identify data gaps and provide IEP managers written recommendations on areas where research should be undertaken to better evaluate impacts
  • Recommend follow up work to confirm or refute important study results
  • Track IEP- and non-IEP funded studies investigating contaminants, and where possible, act as a liaison to encourage cooperation and coordination among such studies to allocate resources effectively and promote greater understanding of study results