Estuarine Ecology Team Project Work Team

The Estuarine Ecology Team (EET) Project Work Team is an interdisciplinary group of scientists focused on improving their understanding of the Bay-Delta ecosystem. The group discusses broader ecological issues, making connections with ecosystems upstream and downstream of the Delta considering the linkages and interactions between species across trophic levels.


  • Encourage the free exchange of ideas
  • Promote the discussion of emerging scientific ideas and problems
  • Informally vet new ideas, research proposals, and preliminary data analyses
  • Improve scientific communication among scientists studying the Bay-Delta ecosystem
  • Foster and promote interdisciplinary partnerships

Want to join the PWT or attend a meeting?

Contact the Project Chair

Project Chair

Meeting Frequency

Quarterly: January, April, July, and October

Meeting Location

Meetings will be either virtual-only or hybrid. Contact the Project Chair for the location of the in-person option.