Water Quality and Phytoplankton Project Work Team

The Water Quality and Phytoplankton Project Work Team provides a venue for scientist from diverse agencies and groups to coordinate and synthesize findings, which will inform research and monitoring needs on water quality and phytoplankton issues in the Bay-Delta in the future.


  • Encourage open science with sharing of data and methods to benefit development of formal synthesis or strategy documents
  • Discuss and plan for potential changes to the monitoring programs in the Bay-Delta to inform multiple management priorities, such as flow, fisheries, phytoplankton, and nutrients
  • Share and review research on water quality, nutrients, phytoplankton, flows, and fisheries and develop proposals for special studies to address knowledge gaps not being addressed by other groups
  • Provide review and input on new monitoring plans and special studies
  • Reduce duplication of effort through sharing of water quality and phytoplankton monitoring plans and identify opportunities to collect data more efficiently through coordination across multiple monitoring programs


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Project Chairs

Meeting Frequency

  • PWT meets semi-annually
  • Specialized subcommittees meet as necessary

Meeting Location

Virtual meetings via MS Teams